Gingham Coco (Limited Edition), Board Game

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Capture animal cards between two matching cards!
But don't leave any animal alone!!

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• Players: 2-4
• Time: 5-10 min.
• Ages: 6+ (14+ in EU countries and the UK)
• Printed Instructions: Japanese
• PDF Instructions: English, Japanese
• Language-Independent
• Kawaii
• No Japanese Skills Required
• Made in Japan

Special Packaging Limited edition

Limited edition with cute special packaging in a can
(Available only at the official online store and game events in Japan)

Gingham Coco

Battle it out with the animal cards on the gingham sheet.
Capture a card between two matching cards and they're all yours!
But, should the dog “Coco” block you or if taking the cards leaves another card on its lonesome, you miss out.
Take the most card points to win!

• Overview Video (50 sec.)

• Instruction Video (2 min.)

Battle it out with the animal cards on the gingham

Capture animal cards between two matching cards!

But don't leave any animal alone!!

Move "Coco" to a better position!

Think about a good capture and look for a place where you can get more points. The wooden token "Coco" blocks the capture, so you can enjoy the tactic of blocking each other by moving the token well.
Eight kinds of cute animal cards are included. Dogs, Rabbits, Java Sparrows, Giraffes, Hedgehogs, Ducks, Bears, and Horses.

Game Overview

Place the dog token (Coco) in the center of the Gingham sheet. Shuffle the cards well and place the deck face down. (pile)
The first player draws one card from the pile and places it face up next to Coco. (card cannot be placed diagonal to Coco)

Subsequent players draw and place the next card next to Coco or next to another card. (cards cannot be placed diagonal to Coco or cards)

If a player captures a card between two matching cards that player takes the two matching cards and any cards in between those two cards.

But you cannot capture cards when:
• Taking the cards will leave Coco or any card on its own.
• Coco is in between the cards.

The player who takes the cards can then move Coco to anywhere on the sheet; however, Coco or any card may not be left on its own.

Once all cards in the deck are drawn, the game is concluded.
Tally up all cards; Dogs: 2 points, All other cards: 1 point, and the player with the highest score wins!

Limited Edition Can

Limited Edition Can



Gingham Coco Limited Edition, Board Game

[Contents] Dobutsu no oshiri cards (Animal’s butt cards): 32 (8 suits x 4), Wooden Dog token (Coco): 1, Gingham sheet: 1, Instruction Sheet (JP)
[Game Design] Banana Moon Studio Sapporo
[Can Size] 125 x 80 x 45mm  [Weight] 145g
Made in Japan (Wooden Dog tokens: made in Germany)

"Dobutsu no Oshiri Cards" series Vol. 3
*The cards are common to the "Dobutsu no Oshiri Cards" series, and the type and number of cards included differ for each title.

English instructions are provided in downloadable PDF format.

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