Bossa STANDARD edition, Board Game|坊茶[スタンダード版]

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Connect the dots before your opponent!
A simple yet stylish game of tactics, strategy and a little luck for 2 players.

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• Players: 2
• Time: 5-10 min.
• Ages: 6+ (14+ in EU countries and the UK)
• Printed Instructions: Japanese, English
• PDF Instructions: French, Italian, German, Japanese, English
• Language-Independent
• No Japanese Skills Required
• Made in Japan

The STANDARD edition is the most compact of Bossa's four editions.

Going out with Bossa!

Compact and casual!
The size of the box is only 3.4(w)x 3.4(h) x 1.1(d) inches / 87(w) x 87(h) x 28(d) mm, easily fit in a bag! It will even fit in a jacket pocket. In other words, easy to carry! You can take Bossa with you wherever you go.

Play at different places!
For example, on a table in a cafeteria during lunch or break time, or on a counter in a bar or pub after work. Play time is short, only 5 to 10 minutes per game, so it can be enjoyed casually.

Dot tiles with coated surface, made in Japan!
The face side of the STANDARD edition dot tiles are finished with a gloss-coated layer and the back side with a matt-coated layer.

• Bossa - Kickstarter Overview (97 sec.)

Connect the dots before your opponent!

A simple yet stylish game of tactics, strategy and a little luck for 2 players.
Following either the dice with white pips or black pips place the tile with the same colored dots alongside the dice.
Utilizing the three action cards offensively, defensively or to turn the tables, use up all the tiles in your hand before your opponent to win!
Using both the tiles in your hand and the pile, read the play, exploit the action cards, and with the luck of the draw, seize victory!
There are two types of rules: the Basic Rules, which are easy to play with, and the Advanced Rules, which are more thought evoking.

• [Advanced rules] Instruction video (in English, 6 mins., using CLASSIC edition components)

Game Overview

[Roll the dice to start the game]
Each player starts with 4 dot tiles and 3 action markers. Then, each player rolls one dice, and the player with the higher roll has the choice of "designating the color of their line (white or black line)" or "taking the first move".

[Starting from the dice, the numbers on the tiles are connected.]
The corresponding dice color is placed in front of each player and becomes the starting point for the black or white line respectively.

[Draw and place]
On your turn, you draw a tile from the deck, combine the tiles in your hand, and place them so that they lead to a number of either white or black lines. You can also use action cards.

[Tiles can be used in combination.]
Only count and use either white or black dots on the tiles. Multiple tiles can be combined. In the example in the photo, two tiles are used to make "white 5" (white 3 + white 2 = white 5).
When placing tiles, there is a rule to the number of tiles that may be used, and the number of tiles must be one tile more or one tile less than the number of tiles placed next to it. The "white 6" following the example in the photo must be placed with one or three tiles, not two.

[Utilize the three action cards.]
It is also important to use the three types of actions (Redraw, Exchange, and Stack) offensively, defensively or to turn the tables.
The player to use first use all tiles in their hand or have 6 rows of tiles on their own color line takes the win.

[Connect the dots before your opponent!]
Using both the tiles in your hand and the draw pile, read the play, maximize the use of the action cards, and with the luck of the draw, seize victory!

Box (Face)

Box (Face)

Box (Back)

Box (Back)

Bossa Standard edition, Board Game

[Contents] Dot tiles: 27, Action markers: 6 (3 types x 2), Dice: 2, Instruction sheets (JP, EN)
[Materials] Dot tiles and Action markers: Paper, Dice: Plastic
[Game Design] Banana Moon Studio Sapporo
[Box Size] 87 x 87 x 28mm  [Weight] 110g
JAN 4582540850209
Made in Japan

French, Italian, and German instructions are provided in downloadable PDF format.

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¥2,090 tax included