Go Go Jenny, Board Game

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A game of chase with cute wooden rabbit tokens and Dobutsu no oshiri cards (Animal's butt cards)

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• Players: 2-4
• Time: 10-20 min.
• Ages: 6+ (14+ in EU countries and the UK)
• Printed Instructions: Japanese
• PDF Instructions: English, Japanese
• Language-Independent
• Kawaii
• No Japanese Skills Required
• Made in Japan

Go Go Jenny

Today is the animal’s sports carnival.
The rabbits (Jenny) are going to chase each other around the course.
Be smart with the Go Go cards and move Jenny forward.
Catch the Jenny in front of you to win!

• Overview Video (Japanese, 55 sec.)

• Instruction Video (Japanese, 3 min.)

• Gameplay Video (Japanese, 6 min.)

A game of chase with cute rabbit (Jenny) tokens

Be smart with the Go Go cards, move Jenny forward!

Catch the Jenny in front of you to win!

But watch out for the "Comon-Chan"!

Each player's "Jenny" competes on a running course of animal cards.
When a player flips over a card and finds the same animal card as the cell they are advancing to, they can advance their Jenny.
It's just like a "Concentration" of playing cards...but if you get a "Comon-chan" card (marked with an asterisk on a white background), well, you have to reshuffle the cards!
10 kinds of cute animal cards are included. Brown Rabbit, White Rabbit, Java Sparrow, Giraffe, Hedgehog, Dog, Bear, Horse, Hyena, and Duck.

Game Overview

Create a running course by arranging the animal cards in a circle, and set the cards that will be flipped over, in the center of the course. Place each player's "Jenny" on the course at equal intervals, and the game begins!

Each player flips over a card on his or her turn. If you find the same animal as the cell you must advance to, you advance Jenny and flip over the card again. If you flip over a card with a different animal, you do not advance the Jenny.

Jenny's "must advance to" cell is two cells ahead if the current position is a Brown Rabbit or White Rabbit, three cells ahead if the current position is a Java Sparrow, and one cell ahead if the current position is another animal.

If you flip the white card "Comon-chan", you are penalized! You must move your Jenny back one cell. In addition...

Ahhh, reshuffle!
After flipping the "Comon-chan," you must re-shuffle the cards. Oh, I've memorized the location of the card..!

Overtake the token in front of you and win!





Go Go Jenny, Board Game

[Contents] Dobutsu no oshiri cards (Animal’s butt cards): 31 (10 suits x 3 , 1 Comon-chan card), Wooden Rabbit tokens (Jenny): 4, Instruction Sheet (JP)
[Game Design] Banana Moon Studio Sapporo
[Box Size] 90 x 125 x 23mm  [Weight] 98g
JAN 4582540850193
Made in Japan (Wooden Rabbit tokens: made in Germany)

"Dobutsu no Oshiri Cards" series Vol. 2
*The cards are common to the "Dobutsu no Oshiri Cards" series, and the type and number of cards included differ for each title.

English instructions are provided in downloadable PDF format.

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