Bistro FLIP JP Edition, Board Game

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A raucously fun board game pitting 2-6 players in creativity and luck against each other to impress the hungry diner!

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• Players: 3-6
• Time: 10-60 min.
• Ages: 10+ (14+ in EU countries and the UK)
• Instructions: Japanese, English
• Bilingual Cards (EN/JP)
• Kawaii
• No Japanese Skills Required
• Made in Japan

Bistro FLIP

“Ding ding!” Ring the bell, call out “ORDER PLEASE!” and let the game begin!
Select your ingredients.
Add in your own personal touch….
Cook and hope for the best…. FLIP!
What fun and unique dish did you make?
Was it what you were hoping for?
Create interesting and original dishes and have a belly laugh at what comes up!

• PV (Japanese, 15 sec.)

• Instruction Video (Japanese, 4 min.)

• Gameplay Video (Japanese, 12 min.)

A Dinner by Chefs from Heaven

What kind of fun dishes can you make?

Game Overview

Ding ding!

You play the role of a Diner (one player) and Chefs (other players). Ring the bell, call out “Order please!” and let the game begin!

Order Dinner

The Diner (player) requests a 3 course meal. Decide what kind of dinner you desire and write it on the Diner's Order board.

Select ingredients, create the menu

The Chefs plan their meals. Select ingredients to make your 3 courses. Add your own personal touch with Chef's Style cards. Once the Diner calls “TIME!,” everyone must stop planning and present their recipes. So don't dilly-dally. If the diner is in a hurry, can you prepare the meal before they call out “TIME”?

Present the recipe

Present the planned meal cards, and verbally explain the chosen dishes, to appeal to the Diner. But the dish is not complete yet!

Cook and hope for the best…. FLIP!

At each Chef's presentation, they FLIP over 1 more face down card to reveal the final completed dish… so think on your feet!

Diner’s judgement

The Diner player chooses the most enticing dish and awards the Chef one Star chip. The game ends when all players have been the Diner once. The player holding the most Star chips wins!

Box (Face)

Box (Face)

Box (Back)

Box (Back)

Bistro FLIP JP Edition, Board Game

[Contents] Ingredients cards: 49, Chef’s Style cards: 49, Course cards: 49, Pen: 1, Diner's Order board: 1, Bell: 1, Star chips:18, Instruction Sheets (JP, EN)
[Game Design] Banana Moon Studio Sapporo and RareSightGames
[Box Size] 125 x 145 x 27mm  [Weight] 200g
JAN 4582540850155
Made in Japan

By adding the Expansion Set Vol. 1 to the JP Edition, you will have the same contents as the Bistro FLIP International Edition.

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¥2,970 tax included