Dobutsu no Oshiri Cards (Animal's butt cards), Card Game

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Playing with Cute Animal Cards!
Exciting and thrilling, various ways to play!

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• Players: 1-6
• Time: 5-10 min.
• Ages: 4+ (14+ in EU countries and the UK)
• Printed Instructions: Japanese
• PDF Instructions: English, Japanese
• Language-Independent
• Kawaii
• No Japanese Skills Required
• Made in Japan


“Dobutsu no Oshiri Cards” is a card game with cute animals’ butts and a joker “Comon-chan”. You can enjoy various games like playing cards.
There are many ways to play.
In addition to the standard “Oshiri Narabe,” new rules such as “Oshiri no Kiki,” “Oshiri de Hasamiuchi,” and “Oshiri Kyushutsu Sakusen” are being released one after another!
Everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy playing together.

• Cards Introduction (12 sec.)

• 2 minutes! How to play “Animals’ Oshiri Narabe” (in Japanese)

• [Dobutsu no Oshiri Cards] New Rules Released in 2020 – Excerpts from the live stream of “Banana Moon @ Game Market LIVE” on June 28, 2020 (in Japanese, 14 min.)

So kawaii cards! Various ways to play!

Cards in the shape of peach buttocks (inverted heart shape), 10 different animal butts and the joker “Comon-chan”. So cute!
Types of Animals: Brown Rabbit, Hedgehog, Java Sparrow, White Rabbit, Dog, Duck, Horse, Bear, Giraffe, and Hyena.

Simple design with no letters or numbers

The cards do not contain any letters or numbers, so children and the elderly can enjoy them together. Completely language-independent!

Various ways to play, new rules releasing!

You can enjoy various games with this one set. New rules are released one after another, and instructions are also available. (As of August 2021, 7 types of games are available)


[Animals’ Oshiri Narabe]
• Players: 3-5
• Time: 5-10 min.
• Ages: 4+
A card placement game like ‘Sevens’.

[Animals’ Amatta Oshiri]
• Players: 3-6
• Time: 5-10 min.
• Ages: 4+
Just like ‘Old Maid’.

[Animals’ Oshiri to Oshiri]
• Players: 2-6
• Time: 5-10 min.
• Ages: 4+
Just like ‘Concentration (Spaghetti)’.

[Animals' Shippo Petan]
• Players: 3-6
• Time: 5-10 min.
• Ages: 4+
Just like ‘Buta no Shippo (Pig's Tail)’.

[Animals’ Oshiri Kyushutsu Sakusen]
• Players: 1
• Time: around 5 min.
• Ages: 6+
Rescuing trapped animals by their friends. Can you save them all?
* Instructions are currently available in Japanese only.

[Animals’ Oshiri no Kiki]
• Players: 2-6
• Time: 5-10 min.
• Ages: 4+
If you flip the same buttocks, it will explode! A thrilling and exciting game.
* Instructions are currently available in Japanese only.

Pack (Face)

Pack (Face)

Pack (Back)

Pack (Back)

Dobutsu no Oshiri Cards (Animal's butt cards)

Card Game
[Contents] Cards: 42 (Animal’s butt 4 cards x 10 suits, Comon-chan x 2), Instruction Sheets (JP)
[Game Design] Banana Moon Studio Sapporo
[Package Size] 70 x 80 x 13mm  [Weight] 64g
JAN 4582540850025
Made in Japan

"Dobutsu no Oshiri Cards" series Vol. 1
*The cards are common to the "Dobutsu no Oshiri Cards" series, and the type and number of cards included differ for each title.

English instructions are provided in downloadable PDF format.

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